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Sri Jaladurge Temple

      The construction of SRI JALADURGA PARAMESHWARI TEMPLE started in the month of MAY 2015. The Temple is being constructed in KERALA – TULU Style blended with HOYSALA ARCHITECTURE. The GarbhaGudi, NamaskaraMantapa and Suttu Pauli are being constructed by using the locally available Red Stone with fine finishing. The walls does not plastering with fine finishing and the same will have antique look.

Since the Temple site is situated near the river, the entire bed over which the temple is being built is raised to the feet of 4 ft. from the ground. During the progress of said construction a spiritual revelationhas also come regarding the presence of energy of Adi Guru Sri Shankara, at the Temple site. Accordingly, on the Guru Poornima day of May 2016, a Guru Pooja is made in the place in the Sankalpa of establishing a SRI SHANKARA PEETHA in front of the temple where energy of Acharya will give the guidance to the spiritual secrets of ShakthiAaradhana. The Trustees have also felt the need of making arrangements for providing shelters to the visitors from outside places coming to the temple. To cater to the needs of visiting devotees, construction of a Guest House is also being taken up. The Trustees have also decided to construct a Hall enabling the devotees and public to have the facility of doing Devi Pooja, Homa’setc., In furtherance of their solution of their individual spiritual problems. The Trustees have also decided to take up projects for the welfare of the poor and handicapped people. The Trustees have also decided to take up the projects of promoting Vedic Cultures; Spiritual Practices etc., in the temple site and to tune up the practice suiting the modern thinking. The Trust is also entrusted in propagating the values of mother worship and in the process of re-establishing the pride place to the women in the society. There will be regular chanting of LalithaSahasranama and DurgaSaptaShatietc., in the Temple, so as to energize not only the Temple but also the hearts and minds of all Devotees. The Vedic Chanting will be encouraged in the Temple not only to propagate the Vedas but also to purify the atmosphere.